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Breathe nature. Breathe history. Just breathe.
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Christoph Ziener und Katharina Ziener
Intact nature as far you can see.
Breathtaking views.
And even more you may explore at the Schlosshotel Eyba.

Close to Saalfeld, the so called fairy-grotto-Town, there is the idyllic village Eyba situated in charming nature surrounding. In this village you`ll find the thick walls forming the castle whose history leads back into the 12th century. So over 800 years ago there was the cornerstone sat of an ancient building where you now may celebrate, discuss, study or relax. Even though this might has happened in all of the past centuries – but we guess the context has changed. The castle is an historical relict since it contains typical parts of a manor building from that age. In 1553 the construction which is still existing was build. It has been the summer –residence for different noblesse families.

Long times passed, and Germany was split into “east” and “west”. In that time the castle was turned into a holiday camp. And later it became property of an insurance company, after the German reunification. It got renovated in 1995, turned into a modern seminar- and vacation hotel. A guesthouse was added. The building ensemble is located in its belonging beautiful castle park. It defines a comforting campus-atmosphere. This garden-park is 33.000 square meters wide and touches the visitor with the old trees which are ancient, silent witnesses for the past. Breathe in and breathe free, gain new power or educate yourself.

As a matter of course we offer free wireless internet to our guests. Our service contains laundry and shoe-cleaning, ironing clothes and wake-up service in case you want it.

We warmly welcome you in the Schlosshotel Eyba!

Your host-family Ziener

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